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From Ana Yael we know a lot of things, we know she lives in Barcelona,

and we know she has lived in any place of the world.

We know she can say the words elephant, hearth, reality,

nothing in a lot of languages, and in fact, she says. 


The things we don’t know, what we miss our view is its size,

is to calculate how tall, know how far she gets,

cause Ana Yael resized at every turn.


The only chance we have to take measures is literary:

Ana Yael measured outside and inside exactly the same as Gulliver.

As Gulliver, runs countless dangers and finally, at the last minute, she is saved.

Like Gulliver, Ana Yael, always returns home and she always explains her travels.

Quietly, in the sonorous silence of her images.


By Grassa Toro

Ana Yael Shop / Conceptual Art Prints / Poetic Landscapes
Reflections on curiosity and philosophy

that profile the human being.

Ilustración Freelance

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